La Plage Beach Bar and Restaurant

La Plage Beach Bar and Restaurant in Corong Corong is one of our favorite spots to enjoy a drink, meal and beautiful sunset. We enjoy the more laid back atmosphere of Corong Corong than Las Cabanas (which is more lively) since we’re residents. We also always go at sunset and never had any niknik bites there (though we definitely have at Las Cabanas)!

Head out of El Nido town on a tricycle (50 pesos) and look for this sign on your right. Then it’s a short walk down a hill to the shore.


la plage6

There is ample seating with a bar and plenty of tables around the pool and right on the beach. And yes you can swim in this pool!

la plage5

On Wednesdays they feature the same DJ that spins at The Bazaar.


You’ll be greeted by this gentle giant — the only Great Dane in town.

la plage3

This is the standard menu…

la plage2

But specials change daily depending on what’s at the market and that’s what we usually opt to order.

la plage4

The special this day was homemade sausage with mashed potatoes… and it was absolutely delicious!

la plage3

Seafood tapas off their regular menu.

la plage

Corong Corong faces directly west so you’ll be able to watch the sun dip down over the horizon during the dry season. The sun moves more towards Caalan Beach during the wet season.

la plage2

corong corong sunset