Hiking Taraw Cliff – The Safe Way

There is a safe way to climb Taraw Cliff through Ferrata Nature’s stairs and bridge that traverse up the mountain. You don’t go all the way to the peak, but you still get a spectacular view from the safety of a platform about halfway up the mountainside. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the top, and even my 4 and 6 year old were able to do it with some help from the 2 guides that accompanied us. That isn’t to say we were tired and completely drenched in sweat once we reached the top, as we went mid-afternoon. Aim for first thing in the morning to take advantage of cooler weather.


You can find Ferrata Nature through this pathway on Rizal Street, just past the Bazaar.



All of us were fitted with a climbing belt and a helmet.


The only climbing we had to do was at the entrance, but it was a relatively easy climb and the two guides that came with us were extremely helpful with the kids.


From then on it was a series of metal stairs…


And a suspension bridge. They attach you to a cable overhead to make sure you’re steady.

taraw10Looking up the bridge

taraw9Looking down the bridge

Once we got to the viewing platform, the kids’ ropes were clipped onto the platform so they could enjoy the view safely.


The view of downtown El Nido and Bacuit Bay!


We could see the peak of Taraw Cliff.



It costs 400 pesos per person and is about a 45-minute roundtrip trek. Open 8 am – 5 pm daily (you have to arrive by 4:30 pm though, in order to be allowed to start hiking). Cool off with a refreshing drink afterward at the nearby Bazaar! My kids loved it and have been asking to go up again!