Best New Bar in El Nido – Sava Beach Bar

I’d been eagerly anticipating the opening of Sava Beach Bar, as I could see that it was going to be the first high end bar in El Nido during construction. It’s located beachfront on the main street in town (across from Squidos), and just opened last week. Having been there several times already and sampled most of the cocktail menu, I can safely say that they have the best cocktails in town!


The bar opens right out to the beach on their own private lot of sand (looks like they’ll be putting something there in the coming months). The high speed ceiling fans and ocean breeze do a great job of keeping you cool.


There is seating and a spacious open floor plan on the second floor.


With this view and stairs that lead right down to the beach.


They are pretty much the only bar in town with original cocktails, and I like that they serve premium liquor cocktails as well. Elsewhere in El Nido you will see the same margaritas, mango/banana daiquiris, mojitos, and pina coladas, so this is a refreshing change to the El Nido bar scene!


I’ve tried most of the cocktails, and you can’t go wrong with the daiquiris. But the most delicious thing on the menu is hands down the Strawberry Cake!


My kids miss strawberries most of all since they’re not available in El Nido, so they loved their virgin strawberry daiquiris.


Sava doesn’t yet serve food though they do provide complimentary nuts, but you can grab a delicious hot dog next door at the Bald Guy Grill like we did.


This is probably going to become my weekly hangout!