Fly Direct from Cebu to El Nido

Airswift (formerly known as ITI) offers daily flights from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to El Nido Airport during peak season and Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays during low season (until October 26). The flights are an hour and a half long and cost ~5000-7500 pesos one way during peak season .

Getting from Cebu to El Nido

The flight from Cebu to El Nido departs daily at 3:15pm. The flight from El Nido to Cebu departs daily at 12:55pm. You can book tickets directly on the Air Swift website.

Getting from the El Nido Airport to El Nido

When you arrive at the El Nido airport, you will be greeted by Filipino women singing a song in Tagalog! It’s a wonderful introduction to your stay in this friendly and beautiful town.

El Nido 2013 2027

To get to town you can take a “tricycle” (a retrofitted scooter with a sidecar that can seat up to 4) into downtown El Nido. This is the main mode of transportation in El Nido. The trip is about 15 minutes and costs 200 pesos.


Ask the tricycle driver to drop you off at Caalan Beach Reception, our reception desk in downtown El Nido. Caalan Beach Reception is on Calle Hama, the main street in downtown El Nido.  Calle Hama runs along the beach and has a number of resorts on it, such as El Nido Beach Hotel, Rossanas Cottages and Entalula Beach Cottages. The reception desk is across the street from Entalula Beach Cottages and Tandikan Beach Cottages.

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Our reception desk will call us at the resort, so that we can pick you up in our tricycle! Please note: many locals (including tricycle drivers) don’t know the names of the streets of El Nido. Instead, they navigate by landmarks and building names. So we’ve pulled together these turn-by-turn instructions below to help out:

* FROM THE AIRPORT: If you are coming from the airport, your tricycle driver will turn right onto “Taytay – El Nido National Highway”. They will take that road all the way to El Nido for almost 4 km. Once your tricycle driver enters El Nido, you will be on the main street of El Nido: Calle Hama. Caalan Beach Reception is on Calle Hama on the left, a little over 200 meters down the street.

Getting from El Nido to Caalan Beach Resort

Once we pick you up from our cafe/reception desk, our workers will load your luggage in our tricycle, and then drive you to our resort (no charge). Please note that there is a narrow alleyway between downtown El Nido and Caalan Beach, where we are located.  Motorcycles and small tricycles (such as our resort tricycles) have no problem fitting through it, but most tricycles and cars can not.  It’s a short ride (about 5 minutes); we recorded a time-lapsed video of the trip, to give you a sense for how it works.

If you would rather walk the path to our resort, you can just go north along an access road, past an oceanfront bar to your right (El Nido Corner), past the Barangay hall to your left, past a cemetery to your left, and then past a number of resorts on your left and right. It’s about a 15-minute walk.