What El Nido Was Like in 2005

I was organizing some of my pictures recently, and came across some I took in El Nido 11 years ago. Back then it was a sleepy little town and I don’t think there were even any island hopping tours. There were bangkas, but they were much smaller and typically used for fishing.

This is what Bacuit Bay looked like in 2005!

november 333

Rizal Street. Skyline Restaurant and Midtown Bakery are still there in the same spots today!

november 418

november 427

There were a lot more locals that sold fish door to door.

november 050

There used to be a small elementary school downtown, much closer to the beach than it is now. And they had the cutest uniforms.

november 434

There used to be a lot of monkeys along Caalan Beach. This was taken in front of what is now Makulay Beach Bar.

november 409

There also used to be a lot of turkeys.

november 407

Some things haven’t changed. Snake Island is still just as beautiful!

november 029

We went fishing earlier this week using similar reels, and caught the same type of fish!

november 044

november 039